OilMac buys, sells and brokers redundant and surplus equipment to maximise value recovery and reuse, thereby gaining environmental credits for operators and contractors while maximising the asset value recovery of their equipment.

In its 5th year, OilMac is profitable and well established with a number of storage facilities and key clients.

Oilfield Machinery Ltd (OilMac) was established in 2010 because:

  • Too much valuable oilfield equipment was and is being destroyed. Environmentally and economically we believe this is unacceptable. There are great benefits to maximising reuse, particularly with significant downward pressure on capex and opex costs.
  • There was no service solution and proven methodology to address this resale/reuse issue, and therefore a gap in the market.
  • Drivers for disposal are different depending on individual selling and buying companies, hence a tailored solution was needed.
  • There is a changing market with increased drive for reuse and a move away from recycling (scrapping) to provide a reliable, local, environmentally conscious and trouble free disposal solution for companies possessing redundant or unwanted oil field equipment and machinery.

OilMac will give you, the seller or buyer, an economic and environmental advantage because we are the only company in this market to:

  • Service a variety of equipment types, buying large packages of diverse machinery.
  • Offer services giving flexibility, maximum return and invaluable market intelligence to the seller and buyer.
  • Be motivated to maximise value for seller and buyer and also to maximise reuse, unlike other companies who are focused on short term scrap value.
  • Have a proactive and targeted equipment marketing approach based on personal contact (not purchased lists) with over 10,000 named international contacts.
  • Have a Bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that drives targeted and segmented marketing with our 10,000 contacts and provides sophisticated bespoke quality data for individual clients including feedback on global pricing and demand levels specific to their needs.
  • Be owned and run by engineers who look at the equipment through an engineering and market lens rather than a scrap dealers’ or auctioneers’ lens, providing detailed analysis and specifications to allow informed and quick buy/sell decisions.
  • Have a website that provides a window for clients into all the key data for all our stock across 14 equipment categories (selling and buying).
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