The OilMac Service: Reducing Costs, Improving Efficiency

Oil & Gas Equipment Reuse Challenges:

There is no escaping the value potential for equipment reuse, the key is to do this efficiently and to make it attractive to operators and contractors.

One well tried method is for the equipment seller to use an agent to manage equipment tenders and auctions. Unfortunately, these only work efficiently for regularly traded, low value equipment and scrap. They are generally geared around providing volume for the agent, as the sales price is irrelevant, thus value creation for the seller is minimal, why bother?

OilMac experience and solutions, addressing the challenges:

To create maximum value for the seller OilMac has an engineering based approach with practical experience supporting our guidance and decisions.

OilMac understands at an early stage the costs and time involved in removing, shipping or storing an item, and what the buyer will expect to realise from that item, what makes it desirable etc. We can work these variables to maximise value creation for the seller depending on location, market conditions, and other drivers. This is one of the biggest attributes we bring.

To sell equipment and maximise your return you MUST make sure:

  • The item is described properly: picture, circumstances/status, location, condition, documentation.
  • Everyone knows it’s for sale.
  • The process is easy for the buyer and the seller.
  • All risks / costs are quantified up front and minimised.
  • The market value of the item for sale is understood.

This allows OilMac to:

  • Spend money on the marketing process and take time to meticulously deliver the above and to ensure the sale goes well. We have invested £100,000 plus on a bespoke ERP system, that incorporates stock control and website management, with numerous reporting functions, as well as an extensive CRM system.
  • Invest in external marketing: when a customer needs your item they must know it’s available.
  • Provide an arms length transaction with firm sales contracts, export and shipping experience.
  • Give a zero up-front cost managed redundant equipment disposal system, to increase the returns to the seller while reducing their ongoing costs.
  • Listen to and understand the market, providing detailed market feed back around each item in the process, speeding up the decision process for the seller, and building a knowledge base for your future equipment sales and needs.
  • Operate in a safe and environmentally conscientious manner while using an efficient, process driven marketing system.

OilMac can therefore be your exclusive brokers. This means the more risk we take the more motivated we are to make sales and deliver our promises and contracts.

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